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About Meraki Hunt


Our mission here at Meraki Hunt is just that, to celebrate the great huntresses of our time.

Women have been hunting since the beginning of time. And our ancestors of long ago actually celebrated and honored their great huntresses! Just look at the ancient goddesses (Artemis, Dali, and Neith to name a few) that were worshipped and praised for being expert hunters.

Even the early settlers in the US, both women and men, hunted for money and food on their tables.

So what happened? Sometime in the 20th century gender bias was established and suddenly the cultural norm was that males hunted, females did not.

The stigma continued to grow to where hunting was mostly dominated by men.

It's time to get back to celebrating the great huntresses today. And that is our mission!


This company was born from the belief that the experience of hunting is not just for men, but for women also. Women work hard and hunt hard. They deserve the best tools to meet the demands and needs of the hunting lifestyle.

Meraki Hunt exists to serve you with the highest quality gear, education, and community to help you along your hunting journey because we believe hunting is more than just a season, it's a way of life.

Our goal to fulfill our mission is...

- To help you be prepared so you can enjoy your time in the great outdoors

- To provide a place to fellowship with other women hunters, family and friends in a supportive community

- To give you the self-reliance and self-confidence that comes with going afield

- To celebrate all of you!



We live in a world where women are under a lot of pressure, feeling the demands from both work and home. We get stressed and overworked.

Yet, we know there is a special place waiting for us in the great outdoors. It's our place to escape the daily grind to soak in all nature has for us. It's liberating and energizing. It lights us up!

We remember the days as a child getting outside, exploring nature and all it had to offer. Learning how to shoot. Hunting with our families. Sharing stories. We pass the love of the outdoors down to our own children.

Yet, the average American child spends a staggering 8 hours a day staring at a screen! Many don't even have a chance to learn anything about the outdoors.

We are helping to change this by giving a portion of all proceeds back to local outdoor camps for girls and women to experience all that the outdoors has to offer.


woman hunter bow hunting archery

I am so excited to have you here!

I'm Kristy, the founder of Meraki Hunt.

I'm here to represent female hunters and to create high performance, functional products specifically designed for women hunters.

I empower women hunters to live life to the fullest, to stand out as a woman in the woods, and to pass down the tradition.

I am very excited to be on this journey with you of creating hunting memories that last a lifetime.

Welcome to Meraki Hunt!